Building Products

Flashings, Roof Vents, Adapters, Dryer Vent Hoods, E-Flash and much more.

All the accessory items you require for your roofing and siding projects.

  • Flashings
  • Adapters
  • Dryer Vents Hoods
  • E-Flash
  • Roof Vents
  • Roofing Accessories
  • No-Caulk Flashings
  • Roof Brackets
  • Primex
  • etc…

For full product listing, details and item #’s download the Building Products Catalog.

About ECCO

ECCO™ opened in 1960 supplying HVAC contractors in Western Canada with pre-fabricated sheet metal products. Rapid growth ensued as ECCO™ became well known as a manufacturer and provider of consistently high quality products along with great customer service and expertise. Since the company’s inception and as the economy throughout Western Canada and North America has grown, ECCO™ has continued to develop and pursue new markets and opportunities.