“The Sandwich” Access Doors, “Spiralmate” Round Duct Connector System, Sealants, Adhesives and Gaskets, T.D.C. and T.D.F Components, Vane Systems.

Ductmate Rectangular Duct Connector Systems

System ’25’® – Galvanized
Model  Description
DM25 DM25 Angle 20 ft length
10004 DC25 Corner with Clip (no bolt required)
System ’35’® – Galvanized
Model  Description
DM35 DM35 Angle 20 ft length
10001 DClll B Corner with Clip (no bolt required)

NOTE: System 35 is also available in other material.

Model  Description
DM45 DM45 Angle 19 ft length — 18 GA SMACNA Class K
10011 DC45 Plated Bolt Corners

SYSTEM ’25’® AND ’35’®

Model  Description
10005 6″ Galvanized Cleat
10955 #440 Butyl Gasket Tape (3/16″ × 5/8″ × 25 ft/roll)
10906 Neoprene Gasket Tape (5/16″ × 3/4″ × 50 ft/roll)
12200 Cleater l Tool
12202 Cleater ll Tool
12206 Corner Alignment Tool

SYSTEM ‘45’®

Model  Description
10012 DM45 Bolt Cleat — Plated — 10 GA
10909 Neoprene Gasket — 5/16″ × 1″
10954 440 Gasket — 3/16″ × 1″


Model  Description
T6CGA TDC Cleat – 6″ Galvanized
11908 TDF Cleat – 6″ Galvanized
12149 TDC Universal Cleat – 6″ Galvanized (Versa Cleat)


Model  Description
ACGA TDC Corner – Galvanized
CMFGA TDF Corner – Galvanized Stackable
FGA TDF Corner – Galvanized
CMCGA TDC Cornermatic* Corner – Galvanized Stackable

*Cornermatic is a trademark of Systemation, Inc. Ductmate is in no way affiliated with Systemation, Inc. 

Additional Info

For complete dimensions and descriptions, refer to H1-Ductmate.

Spiralmate® – Round Duct Connector System

  • SMALL PROFILE 10″ – 38″
  • LARGE PROFILE 30″ – 72″


Small Profile – 10"-38"

Large Profile – 30"-72"

Additional Info

Larger diameters available upon request. For complete dimensions and descriptions, refer to H1-Ductmate.

Quick Sleeve Round Duct Connector – Galvanized – with FDA Gasket

The perfect, airtight connection for round or spiral duct 3″ through 12″. Tighten one bolt to complete the connection. Duct can be disassembled and reassembled. No end preparation necessary. No protrusions in the airstream. Ideal for ducts carrying dust, etc.


3" – 14"

Additional Info

For complete dimensions and descriptions, refer to H1-Ductmate.

Access Doors – The "Sandwich" for Round and Rectangular Duct

  • Smooth interior finish on insulated doors
  • Tested to 20″ W.G. with no leakage noted
  • Tested to negative 10″ W.G. with no leakage noted


Model DI – Insulated Galvanized Rectangular Duct
10"-24" (insulated)

Model DR – Insulated Galvanized Round Duct
4"-18" (insulated)

Additional Info

Available with or without insulation. For complete dimensions and descriptions, refer to H1-Ductmate.

Ultimate Access Doors – Black Iron

Contact your ECCO representative for more information or pricing on Ductmate’s full line of access doors.


10" – 12"

Trapeze Duct Hanger, Isolation Pads, and Trapeze Beam Clamps

• Hot-dipped galvanized
• Eliminates hard to cut and punch angle iron
• Ship directly to job site
• Easy to cut
• Lightweight
• Neat, professional appearance

Model  Description
TRAP05GA Trapeze Duct Hanger @ 20′ lengths – Galvanized
DM2735AS Isolation Pad for Trapeze Hanger (100/ctn)
TBCLAMP Trapeze Beam Clamp Assembly (100/ctn)

Additional Info

For every 4 LF of Trapeze Hanger ordered the customer will receive 1 Trapeze Washer at no charge. This will be shown as a comment line on the order and will not be invoiced separately.

Isolation Hanger Type SI

Rubber prevents vibrations from being transmitted from air ducts and other ventilation devices to parts of the building.
The load-bearing capacity of the hanger can be used to its full extent.

Model  Description
DM2723SI Isolation Hanger for 3/8″ Threaded Rod

Round Duct Strap Bracket Type BA

The ideal way to hang round duct work. No tools required. The steel strip is hand bent into the bracket which is self loading. A stamped galvanized steel bracket joins the two ends of the galvanized steel strip encircling the duct and provides a suspension point for a hanger rod.

Model  Description
DM4703BA3 Round Duct Strap Bracket (for 5/16″ to 3/8″ rod) – Galvanized

Clutcher System

• Can be used on a variety of mechanical systems
• Wire and clutcher sold separately
• Eliminates the need to stock pre-cut wire
• Tapered bore design for fast and easy installation
• Easily adjust hanging height by hand
• Extremely strong
• Offers a 5-to-1 safety factor
• Available in variety of sizes for different weights
• Items can be hung at angles up to 60° from vertical
• Lightweight design reduces the risk of on-site accidents
• Aesthetically pleasing

Model  Description
12750 #10 Clutcher, 10/bag
12751 #20 Clutcher, 10/bag
12752 #30 Clutcher, 10/bag
12753 #40 Clutcher, 10/bag


Model  Description
12730 Wire Rope Cutter (HFWRC)

Wire Rope

Ductmate Wire Rope is designed for the suspension of HVAC and other mechanical systems. This product has been designed to be used in conjunction with Ductmate’s Cablemate Systems.
• Aircraft quality zinc coated wire rope
• Superior strength
• Supplied in coils to reduce waste
• Coils were designed for strength and ease of use
• Available in a variety of sizes and lengths


Model  Description
12755 #10 Wire Rope, 500 ft/spool – 2.0 mm


Model  Description
12760 #20 Wire Rope, 500 ft/spool – 3.2 mm


Model  Description
12766 #30 Wire Rope, 1000 ft/spool – 4.8 mm


Model  Description
12770 #40 Wire Rope, 500 ft/spool – 6.0 mm

Moisture Drains and Caps

An economical and fast method of installing leakproof drain in ductwork and drain pans.

Model  Description
MD75GA Moisture Drain – 3/4″

PROguard – Protective Duct Covering

PROguard Heavy Duty is a dual-ply polyethylene film with a high-tack adhesive coating. It is specially-formulated to keep film attached and leave no residue when removed. Its unique manufacturing process gives ProGuard Heavy Duty unmatched puncture resistance, strength, elongation, and workability.
PROguard Standard Grade is an economical singly-ply film with a low-tack adhesive coating.

Color: Clear / Blue
Adhesion: Adheres to Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Galvannealed, Aluminum, PVC Coated, Aluminized and Black Iron
Type: Polyethylene
Shelf Life: For best results use within 1 year of purchase
Elongation: 600% – Heavy Duty Grade; 325% – Standard Grade
Indoor/Outdoor: Stands up in the rain, snow, or sun
UV Resistance: Good
Adhesive: Acrylic. Does not leave sticky residue on duct work after removal

Model  Description
PG24 PROguard 24″ roll – Heavy Duty
PG24B PROguard 24″ roll – Blue
PG36 PROguard 36″ roll – Heavy Duty
PG48 PROguard 48″ roll – Heavy Duty
PG24C PROguard – Clear
PG36C PROguard – Clear


24"– 48"

Additional Info

For complete dimensions and descriptions, refer to H1-Ductmate.

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